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We’ve created an entirely new concept in reusable shopping bags. Inspired by nature, our fabric and considered design set us apart. 

We’re proud to partner with Lenzing to offer a shopping solution derived entirely from trees—LENZING™ Modal Color (made from beechwood) and LENZING™ Lyocell (made from eucalyptus). Every step of our bags’ lifecycle is thoughtfully considered, minimizing their environmental footprint from production to disposal. 

A darling of the fashion industry, Lenzing fibers are luxuriously soft, surprisingly sturdy, and home compostable. Which makes the BRINGIT Bags Collection the most sustainable reusable shopping bags on the market. From the earth, for the earth.

Our fabric is only part of the story. When BRINGIT Bags began, we spoke to real people about what they wanted in a shopping bag. And we heard about all the things that people found frustrating. So we set to work, meticulously designing and crafting a collection of bags that address those pain points.

A few of the features that set our bags apart: They work together in an organized fashion, helping you remember to bring them on your shopping expeditions. The iTTote features six pockets and a broad, sturdy bottom that supports heavy hauls with ease. The iTBag Shopper has an attached fold-away pouch, so it can be tucked away in a briefcase or diaper bag, ready when the need arises. And the entire collection is machine washable. So no more ineffectual, cringe-inducing wipedowns.

Material Highlights

Material Certifications

Our fabric checks all the boxes. So you can rest assured that from their start in FSC® certified European forests to their timely end in backyard compost piles nationwide, LENZING™ Modal Color fiber and LENZING™ Lyocell fiber exceed the highest standards across the board. No greenwashing here. And we’re proud of that fact.

Logos of various organizations that set standards for materials used in our eco friendly cloth bags

UC Berkeley's Zero Waste Lab shows how you compost a BRINGIT bag

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