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Our mission: to eradicate plastic bags. And usher in a world that embraces shopping with compostable reusables. Every. Single. Time.


BRINGiT is a mission-driven Public Benefits Corporation committed to reducing plastic bag pollution and positively impacting the world. With our BRINGiT Bag Collection, we make it easy for you to make a difference, every time you shop. Our vision is of a thriving planet where people have embraced reusable compostable bags, dramatically reducing the amount of plastic waste produced and consumed.

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Karin Heck and Deb Singer started BRINGiT Bags PBC in 2021, after meeting and discovering their shared vision for a world without plastic bag waste. Karin is an accomplished operational leader with deep consumer product experience. Her family had been living a zero-waste lifestyle for some time; she was eager to scale that interest and make a more significant impact. Deb, who pioneered Whole Foods Market’s plastic bag ban in 2007, wanted to focus on eradicating plastic produce bags. Together, they lead a passionate team dedicated to inspiring change and making a difference, one bag at a time.

Images of founders: Deb Singer and Karin Heck

Our Values

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At BRINGiT, we value the simplicity inherent in beautifully crafted, functional products that nourish the earth. Reusing what we can. Limiting our consumption of plastic, especially single-use. Nurturing community. Embracing diversity and inclusion. Learning, always. And while we pride ourselves on being a thoughtful bunch, we recognize that without action, thoughts can only take us so far. And so we commit to simple acts every day. When we all do this together, we have the power to change the world.

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