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iTBag Shopper 3 Pack

Designed as a replacement for single use plastic bags, this 3 pack of iTBag Shopper bags will carry everything you need on your shopping trip. These reusable bags are more spacious than single use plastic bags and more comfortable to carry with wide straps and luxuriously soft material. This 3 pack of bags will prevent the use of 3,300 single use plastic bags!

iTBag Shopper Core Features

  • The fabric stretches to hold a large volume, yet the bag can be folded compactly for organized storage
  • Innovative fabric made from sustainably grown wood
  • 100% plastic free
  • Machine washable & tear resistant
  • Home compostable after hundred of uses


Pack of 3 iTBag Shopper bags

MATERIAL: 100% LENZING™ Modal Color, derived from FSCⓇ certified beechwood

SIZE: 16” x 21”, 

COLORS: Black + Parchment

MADE IN: Turkey


The BRINGIT Bags collection is the most sustainable reusable shopping bags on the market. Our iTBag Shopper is derived entirely from sustainably harvested beechwood trees. Crafted from LENZING™ Modal Color fabric,  every step of the lifecycle is thoughtfully considered, minimizing it’s environmental footprint from production to disposal. 

Your iTBag Shopper is durable and can be used hundreds of times. But, when it eventually reaches the end of it’s life, you can have comfort knowing that it will never end up in a landfill or in the ocean because it’s uniquely home compostable. 

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The iTBag Shopper is machine washable up to 100F, so you can ensure it’s clean each time you use it.,

It’s made from tree fiber so you can feel at ease knowing that you can toss it in the washer without releasing harmful microplastics into the water supply - a common problem with plastic based reusable bags (nylon, mesh, other synthetic materials, etc.)  

Lay flat to dry.

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